The story of a bloke, a computer and a flying gopro.....

So what can be achieved with a basic kit like this?

Some pretty good results if you're patient enough to learn the art of videography!

Of course some skills in editing and soundtrack selection help as well :-)

Don't forget, the better you get at making these clips, the less you be able to actually race :-(

Also be mindful of your local rules regarding quadcopter flying! Don't go and smack into a bystander, use your best judgement.

Here's one of the lastest videos

Equipment and software used for this clip:

- Raw footage from a GoPro Hero 3+ black at 120fps using 720p wide
- Positioned by a DJI Phantom 2 with LCD FPV system and H3-2D gimbal
- Edited using Cyberlink Director Suite 3
- Soundtracks licensed for personal YouTube use via freeplaymusic or YouTube
- Intros made using Blufftitler and Gimp